Barnardo’s Big Toddle: 0800 008 7005

You should phone the freephone Barnardo’s Big Toddle helpline number 0800 008 7005 to contact a charity representative with enquires about how to get involved with the annual event or to ask how to submit a completed sponsor form after your child has participated.


About the Annual Event

The Barnardo’s ‘Big Toddle’ is the UK’s biggest annual charity event for children under 5. For instance, each year, up to half a million children participate in a short sponsored walk to raise funds for disadvantaged under-5s throughout the UK. The Barnado’s event takes place each summer from May to July in a variety of locations from nurseries and playgroups to organised meets in public parks.


Big Toddle Contact Number – 0800 008 7005

Call Barnado’s on their Big Toddle freephone number 0800 008 7005 for any questions about the sponsored walk. For instance, you should get in touch to ask how far the walk is or how to get involved if you are unavailable during Toddle Week. If you have registered your child to participate then you can use this number for information about your Big Toddle fundraising kit before asking when you are expected to receive it in the post. Furthermore, you can get in touch to ask for an additional sponsor form if you have already completed the ones in your fundraising kit.

Alternatively, you can get in touch for advice on how to organise a Big Toddle event at your local playgroup or nursery or even ask for tips to make your sponsored walk special. Parents should also note that they can use prams and pushchairs if they feel that their child is too young to participate. Finally, you should use the freephone number 0800 008 7005 to enquire how to pay in your proceeds or to ask for confirmation that your funds have been received.


Cost of Calling Big Toddle

The Barbado’s Big Toddle helpline uses a 0800 contact number meaning that callers will be able to contact an advisor completely free of charge from both UK mobiles and landlines.


Email Barnardo’s

If you are unable to contact the Big Toddle team over the phone then you also have the option of sending an email enquiry or a completed sponsor form to Barnado’s when using the following address: